Would you like to join us?

AHVISE is an educational support program consisting of volunteer tutors (usually retired) who want to make a difference by helping Australian farming families. The volunteers can provide the tutoring in person on the family’s property OR they can provide the tutoring online (eg. Skype). Most tutors however do travel, and they receive a travel cost reimbursement. The volunteers tend to make the “staycation” part of a larger adventure and it is a “win win” for everyone involved!

Isolation can be horrible for some families, especially the kids, and our volunteer tutoring program is a welcome relief for our farming families!

To get started today simply complete the Blue Card (or relevant Working With Children check) forms asap and upload a copy of your Drivers Licence and Bluecard/Police Check, where indicated in the profile dashboard once you have registered as a Volunteer and we will provide you with instant access to our current available list of Placements.

We encourage you to be part of Aussie Helpers
by getting involved with the AHVISE program.

Would you like to get involved?

If you are a farming family with kids who could use some extra help with their education, or if you are a teacher, tutor or angel who wants to help kids in our farming community learn more, and grow with a better education, then we’d love to hear from you.

We also welcome donations as we receive no Government funding or financial support, the AHVISE program only exists due to the support and kindness of our many Volunteers and the financial support by it’s founders Aussie Helpers Charity.

We are prepared to do what it takes to make the AHVISE program work, because we believe in and support our farming families because we believe they are the backbone of our beautiful country!