Looking for a retired couple with teaching/tutoring experience to assist two middle years students on a remote property.

ByDebbie and Mike Farrell, Douglas Daly
  • NT
  • Posted 9 months ago

We would like a retired couple with some teaching/tutoring experience to come to our lovely property in the Northern Territory to assist our two enthusiastic middle year children with their education.

Ideally it is only a few hours a day that they require some help to keep them motivated and on track with their school work.

If there is only one person that would like to assist with teaching/tutoring  in the classroom we can offer some farm duties on the property or gardening to fill in some time for the other person.

ASAp - Term 1

Mid term 1 - term 2

Katherine School of the Air Katherine NT


Mike, Debbie and Joanna full time and sometimes Jacob ( son ) and nephew for work,,, Older daughter and family sometimes visit from Darwin they have six small children from 10 years - two years old.

Our property is situated in the Douglas Daly Region in the Northern Territory approx 200 km south/west of Darwin. We have 2500 acres of land bordering on the Douglas Daly river which is well know for great fishing and bird and animal life. We have a small hobby herd of cattle approx 300 head, 5 horses, 8 dogs, 2 goats, a lorikeet and a bearded dragon lizard. Our station is all run on solar power. We will be melon farming this year and also have a few crops growing. We love working around our property there is always plenty to do and we have a few other businesses in town and do contract solar work out in remote areas. We are mostly home but sometimes have to go to town and need someone to care for the farm and animals.




We have a nice space for a caravan to park and also a granny flat that can be occupied if a suitable couple would like to fly in for a stint. The granny flat/unit can be utilised even if the volunteers have their own caravan, it has a nice ensuite inside and also an external toilet.

We have two large 10kg washing machines in the homestead laundry and also a spare machine in our shed.

Twice weekiy on Tues/Thurs and is delivered to the Douglas Daly tourist Park 25 kms from our place.



We don't mind having volunteers eat with us through the week for dinner we are pretty flexible but we prefer on weekends that they care for themselves and we usually provide some help with their groceries etc..

All sealed road except for 2km of dirt to our front gate.




Darwin 200kms Katherine 215kms


Summer clothing most of the year round but lightweight jumper during June/July but possibly wont use it.




Jordan loves to work on the property, he is very interested in shooting, riding motorbikes, operating farm machinery, he is good at leatherwork and plays some guitar. He has enjoyed the last two years with KSA but has had no tutor help so it was a struggle to get through all of his workload. Jemma loves the outdoors, and her passion is riding horses and caring for all of the animals, she loves reading and struggles a little with maths but is quite competent with english and writing, this will be her first year doing school again with distance ed as she has just finished her primary years at the Douglas Daly Primary school which was 30km one way from our home.