General Support…

How to open a Support Ticket for more help...

You can contact us via our support ticket system, go to this page >>> SIGNUP PAGE and sign up online (free). It will take less than 30 seconds.

Once joined, you can get help and support via the “CONTACT” page.

To open a support ticket simply go to the CONTACT page on our website and click on the bottom left button that says “CREATE A TICKET” – select who you wish to contact, and enter a message, and we will be back in touch with you asap!


You can call our Admin Team 7 days a week, on the phone during 12pm to 2pm. Call (07) 3103 2070. After those times you can leave a message on the message bank and we will return your call the next day.


You are welcome to EMAIL us anytime at info@ahvise.org.au – we reply to emails within as soon as possible, usually within 24hrs.

When do the AHVISE admin volunteers work?
The AHVISE Admin Team work 7 days a week, from 12pm to 2pm.

Outside these hours you can leave a message on our message bank on the number (07) 3103 2070 or you can email us at info@ahvise.org.au.

Please be patient.

Thank you!


I need help or I have a question for AHVISE, what do I do?
We request you go to our CONTACT PAGE HERE and register a support ticket.

Or you can call us on (07) 3103 2070.

Or you can email us direct at info@ahvise.org.au

Please do not:

  • Call Aussie Helpers head office 1300 number
  • Email Aussie Helpers staff
  • Use Aussie Helpers contact form on their website

If you have an “emergency” should contact Lyn French via the Support Ticket system on our contact page, as that email will go to her directly.

Thank you!

Can I call Aussie Helpers 1300 number for help with AHVISE?
The short answer is no.

But you can call our AHVISE team direct on (03) 3103 2070.

AHVISE is a run separately from Aussie Helpers, and we do not work from the Aussie Helpers head office.

Calling or emailing the Aussie Helpers staff for help with your AHVISE queries, feedback or support is not encouraged because they won’t be able to help you and it will take them time to forward your queries onto our AHVISE Support Team.

Thank you!

Is there ANY phone number I can call?
Yes you can call (07) 3103 2070 and one of the AHVISE Support Team will answer your call during 12pm to 2pm – 7 days a week – outside those hours you can leave an audio message on the message bank of that phone number.

Thank you!

Volunteer FAQs…

Do I have to have a Working With Children Check (or Blue Card)?
In all states right across Australia you must have a Working With Children Card for the state you wish to be a volunteer in:

QLD:    Blue Card 
NSW:   Working With Children Check 
VIC:     Working With Children Check 
NT:       Working With Children Check
WA:      Working With Children Check
TAS:     Working With Children Check

You should click on the relevant state links and research what is involved for the state you wish to volunteer in. Make sure you meet their criteria, and if they have forms to complete, we encourage you to do so asap.


Do I need a Working With Children for the whole of Australia?
No. Volunteers only need child-work clearance for the States they intend to take placements.
What if the Blue Card (or Working With Child forms) need an AHVISE signature?
Some of the Working With Children Checks and Blue Cards require the charity/organisation you intend to volunteer with, to sign it.

What we need you to do is to download the forms from the official websites (or the Blue Card forms are downloadable below).

If you have a form, and you need a signature from one of our admin staff, please fill out as much of the forms as you can, get your ID documents verified, and send the original documents PLUS one copy (of all of the documents) to Lyn French (AHVISE Team Manager):

C/- Gilberton Station

Because we are a registered charity, there is no cost to you for the application.

However, we do appreciate a stamped envelope enclosed with your documents you send to us, that we can use to forward your documents onto the registration organisation on your behalf once we have signed it.

How do I enter my Blue Card into the system?
When you register with the AHVISE Registration Form on this website there will be instructions for you to upload a copy of your Blue Card (or relevant Working with Children check) and Drivers Licence.
Does my partner need a Working With Children check?
Yes. If your partner is helping you in the school room or maybe sports and anything involved with the children they must have a Blue Card too.
Do I have to write the curriculum for my student while I am on the placement?
No. Please do not change the child’s curriculum because when you leave, mum has to go back to what they know. Distance Education schools or home schooling (or whatever program the family are enrolled in) send out assignments and your job is to supervise these and help child/children catch up and do extra if needed. Always discuss with parent on progress in the schoolroom. These mothers are very busy. They appreciate honest feedback and open and honest communication about how their child/children are progressing in their schoolwork.
What about travel costs & reimbursements?
Normally all Volunteers are responsible for their own accommodation to and from Placements.

However, Volunteers can claim up to $1,500 per Placement (in total for both Volunteer and their partner/spouse) and all and any reimbursement claims MUST come with copies of the receipts the Volunteer is seeking to have reimbursed. This is to keep the system fair.

When Volunteers join, they will have access to our Volunteers Financial Hub which has a simple form to complete and upload your receipts (in JPEG, PNG or PDF format) and request the travel refund. Refunds can take up to 3wks, but we do aim for 2wks or less.

Our FULL TRAVEL REFUND FORM can be downloaded HERE.


DOWNLOAD our Travel Refund Info Form HERE...
Simply click below, and you can view and download our travel reimbursement guidelines.

Our FULL TRAVEL REFUND FORM can be downloaded HERE.


General Placement Questions:

How long do I stay at one placement?
There is no time limit. Should a family require help to have someone for one full school term, this is okay and worked out with the Coordinator and the family. it is advised that no placement will be under 6 weeks, the reason being one unit/assignment of school work is 2 weeks, that means you are helping that student do 3 units.
Can I Choose when I do a Placement?
You can choose when you wish to help families in the outback, by providing your preferred dates when you type in your preferences for dates/time of the year you wish to volunteer, on the registration forms on this website.
What happens if my placement “goes wrong”?
We are all individuals but it is very rare that there is a clash, and if there is, it generally is because there hasn’t been enough communication between all parties. If you do not wish to stay or things have gone wrong, you should contact your Coordinator immediately and action will be put in place to terminate you from the placement .
Is there anything should do before leaving for a Placement?
After making contact with our AHVISE Support Team who matched you with the family, it is good idea to make contact with, and talk to parents and the child, if they wish. Ask the parent for permission to make contact with the School they are enrolled with and have a talk with their teacher. You can enquire whether they have any learning  problems, do they like art, sport, music, etc. Try and find out what the child/children likes, dislikes, as this can help you prepare for your time with them better.
I am an Angel, what can I do?
Angels are also just as important as Tutors. Everyone plays a major role. They mostly are the Tutor’s partner, but not always. Some families may have medical emergencies, and Angels can help keep things ticking along. Maybe help around the house or in the garden or maybe just be a cowboy gardener.  You could help in the kitchen or maybe help out in the workshop. Be open and discuss ideas with the family before you go. Tell them what you like doing and happy to help with. Communication is the key to successful placement!
If there is an incident at a placement, please click and download our INCIDENT REPORT (below) and provide to our AHVISE Support Team asap.  Thank you!


Having Problems Logging In?

I'm having trouble logging in as a Family???



When you first register, you will automatically be redirected to the Families profile page. Now you can log in and out of the website anytime to update your details. When you have completed your profile questions you can then go “Create a Placement” (See video training inside the “Family Training HUB” once you log in).

You can always log in and out of the AHVISE website from any computer with your username and password.
You can use your email address instead of your username – either work for logging in.

If you can’t log in for some reason, you can request a new password on the LOG IN box.
Once you have reset your password you should be able to log in as normal.

If you still can’t log in, please contact our AHVISE Support Team.


I'm having trouble logging in as a Volunteer??



When you first register, you will automatically be redirected to the Volunteers profile page. Now you can log in and out of the website anytime to update your details. To view the Placement List you must be “Approved” by our Admin – see video below how to get “Approved”.

You can always log in and out of the AHVISE website from any computer with your username and password.
You can use your email address instead of your username – either work for logging in.

If you can’t log in for some reason, you can request a new password on the LOG IN box.
Once you have reset your password you should be able to log in as normal.

If you still can’t log in, please contact our AHVISE Support Team.

Dear Volunteers,

There will be a family out there who would love to receive your help.

Parents living in remote situations frequently worry that they are not providing enough guidance and support for their children’s education.  Some of these parents have limited education themselves so struggle in teaching their own children, having AHVISE Tutors is appreciated as our volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge from their teaching skills in the classroom and have many years of experience sharing and caring.

 At times parents are juggling school rooms, outside chores, mustering and more.

The AHVISE scheme is voluntary.
This means approved AHVISE Tutors are Volunteers, and not paid a wage or fee.
However, all Volunteers can claim up to $1,500 for their travel costs.

AHVISE recruits Tutors including retired teachers, and other volunteers with relevant experience, who would like to spend time helping isolated students with their education.

All Welcome…

Distance Education is taught through set assignments, either paper base or internet learning.

Students may have specific needs, such as reading and mathematics; or perhaps behavioral issues where the parents may be having difficulty relating to their own children; or where students are studying at secondary level.

Secondary teachers mainly work with upper primary students who are soon to make the transition to boarding or secondary school.

Sometimes a family needs the help of a non-teacher called an Angel.
Angels can assist by helping and supporting the child and family needs outside of the school room, whether it be helping around the house, in the kitchen, perhaps helping with a younger sibling, or a medical emergency etc. Most Tutors’ partners become Angels and are able to help about on the station as well, which is ideal if they have mechanical knowledge and they enjoy helping out and fixing things. Or maybe they are just a good handyman, or gardener, who just wants to help others.

Travel costs can be expensive if you are going to isolated/remote areas. Travel cost reimbursements are available up to $1,500 per Placement, with receipts provided.

There is no set time on how long you can take a Placement. This will be worked out with families. Six weeks is preferred or one whole term if the child requires extra tutoring. If more Tutors are available there is no reason why families cannot get a second tutor in one year. AHVISE operates wherever there is help needed, that means any State or Territory, if there is a child or family who needs help with their educational needs, AHVISE will do their best to help out.

The AHVISE Support Team

Our AHVISE Support Team is one of the best. We take enquiries 7 days a week, between 12pm to 2pm (2hrs) but we can be contacted by email, by phone and by our Support Ticket System. So we are always a few hours away!

While AHVISE do everything possible to ensure compatible Placements, at times, things just do not work out and this is mainly due to communication and personalities.  If this happens our Support Team will contact the nominated admin personal and the Placement can be terminated immediately.

We encourage you to be part of Aussie Helpers
by getting involved with the AHVISE program.