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AH-VISE is an educational volunteer organisation comprising of a dedicated team of volunteers from all around Australia, who enjoy to give to others. We support rural and remote outback families who are looking for help in their remote school rooms. These include families, mothers and fathers, who teach their own children at home due to their geographic isolation.

If you are a person who loves helping others and have teaching background then you will fit in with our fantastic team of volunteers!

Farmers don’t like to admit when things are tough, and they are some of the proudest and most resilient people in Australia.  But sometimes they need our help, especially before it’s too late.  Aussie Helpers stays in touch with 1,000’s of farming families around Australia to ensure their well being and survival through good and bad times.

We encourage you to be part of Aussie Helpers by getting involved with the AHVISE program.

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More about what AHVISE is about…

There will be a family out there who would love to receive your help.

Parents living in remote situations frequently worry that they are not providing enough guidance and support for their children’s education.  Some of these parents have limited education themselves so struggle in teaching their own children, having AHVISE Tutors is appreciated as our volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge from their teaching skills in the classroom and have many years of experience sharing and caring.

 At times parents are juggling school rooms, outside chores, mustering and more.

The AHVISE scheme is voluntary.
This means that it has no paid personnel whatsoever at any level.

AHVISE recruits Tutors including retired teachers, and other volunteers with relevant experience, who would like to spend time helping isolated students with their education.

Distance Education is taught through set assignments, either paper base or internet learning.

Students may have specific needs, such as reading and mathematics; or perhaps behavioral issues where the parents may be having difficulty relating to their own children; or where students are studying at secondary level.

Secondary teachers mainly work with upper primary students who are soon to make the transition to boarding or secondary school.

Sometimes a family needs the help of a non-teacher called an Angel.
Angels can assist by helping and supporting the child and family needs outside of the school room, whether it be helping around the house, in the kitchen, perhaps helping with a younger sibling, or a medical emergency etc. Most Tutors’ partners become Angels and are able to help about on the station as well, which is ideal if they have mechanical knowledge and they enjoy helping out and fixing things. Or maybe they are just a good handyman, or gardener, who just wants to help others.

Travel costs can be expensive if you are going to isolated/remote areas. Travel cost reimbursements are available.
Please talk with the coordinator to discuss what is available.

There is no set time on how long you can take a placement. This will be worked out with families. Six weeks is preferred or one whole term if the child requires extra tutoring. If more Tutors are available there is no reason why families cannot get a second tutor in one year. AHVISE operates wherever there is help needed, that means any State or Territory, if there is a child or family who needs help with their educational needs, AHVISE will do their best to help out.

AHVISE has Local Area Coordinators.
Our Local Area Coordinators are responsible for organising placements by matching volunteer Tutors with families. While AHVISE do everything possible to ensure compatible placements, at times, things just do not work out and this is mainly due to communication and personalities.  If this happens Coordinators will contact the nominated admin personal and the placement can be terminated immediately.


Would you like to get involved?

If you are a farming family with kids who could use some extra help with their education, or if you are a teacher, tutor or angel who wants to help kids in our farming community learn more, and grow with a better education, then we’d love to hear from you.

We also welcome donations, which are at the heart of what Aussie Helpers is all about. With no Government funding or financial support, this program only exists due to the support and kindness of our many Volunteers.

We are prepared to do what it takes to make this program work, because we believe in and support our farming families as best we can – because they are the backbone of our beautiful country!

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Sometimes, location challenges mean that farming kids miss out – This is what AHVISE wants to change!