Welcome to AHVISE! 

What we do…

AHVISE is an educational support program consisting of volunteer tutors (usually retired) who want to make a difference by helping Australian farming families. The volunteers can provide the tutoring in person on the family’s property OR they can provide the tutoring online (eg. Skype). Most tutors however do travel, and they receive a travel cost reimbursement. The volunteers tend to make the “staycation” part of a larger adventure and it is a “win win” for everyone involved!

Farmers don’t like to admit when things are tough, and they are some of the proudest and most resilient people in Australia.  But isolation can be really tough for some families, especially the kids, and the AHVISE volunteer tutoring program is a welcome relief for many farming families!

AHVISE was founded by, and continues to be run and funded by the Aussie Helpers Charity who stay in touch with 1,000’s of Australian farming families via their own Volunteer army and via their 60,000+ Facebook Page. Aussie Helpers have been supporting farmers for over 16 years now and are continuing their charity work and outreach programs (like AHVISE) well into the future to ensure the ongoing support is available to farming families who need it the most.

Dear Volunteers,

There will be a family out there who would love to receive your help with their kids…

Parents living in remote locations on farms frequently worry that they are not providing enough guidance and support for their children’s education.  Some of these parents have limited education themselves therefore they further compounding their distress.  When our AHVISE Families have a Volunteer Tutor working with their kids the Families welcome the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that is provided to their kids, as the Volunteers share their teaching skills in the Families’ classroom either in person on the land, or via the internet (Skype or similar).

 At times parents are juggling school rooms, outside chores, mustering and more.

Our Volunteer secondary teachers mainly work with upper primary students who are soon to make the transition to boarding or secondary school.

Because AHVISE is a voluntary based program, we welcome and encourage all potential Volunteers to register with us (on our website) and see if there is a Farming Family who could match up to your travel or volunteer teaching goals.

AHVISE does not “pay” their Volunteers, however, all Volunteers can claim up to $1,500 travel costs per placement as set out in our Terms & Conditions for Volunteers. See our FAQ page for more information.

AHVISE recruits Volunteer Tutors including retired teachers, teaching aids, educational assistants, and other relevant and useful type Volunteers with appropriate work and/or life experience. If you would like to spend time a farming family on their land, anywhere across Australia – or tutor kids online – then we’d love to hear from you!

Dear Angels,

Distance education is more than just assignments and homework!

Students may have specific needs, such as reading and mathematics; or perhaps behavioral issues where the parents may be having difficulty relating to their own children; or where students are studying at secondary level and the parents can’t keep up with the workload of teaching anymore.

Sometimes a family needs the help of a non-teacher called an Angel.

Angels can assist by helping and supporting the child (or children) and the farming family needs outside of the school room, whether it be helping around the house, in the kitchen, perhaps helping with a younger sibling, or the family through a tough time due to a medical situation.

Often Volunteer Tutors’ partners (or spouse) become Angels and are able to help about on the station as well, which is ideal if they have another special skill like mechanical knowledge, building type skills and/or they enjoy helping out and fixing things. Or maybe they are just a good handyman, or gardener, who just wants to help others.

Whatever your “Angel” skills are, we’d love to hear from you and see if we can find a farming family who could benefit from your help!

There is no set time on how long you can take a Placement. This is worked out with families when appropriate. Six weeks is the preferred length or one whole term if the child requires extra tutoring. If there are enough tutors available there is no reason why families cannot get a second tutor in one year. AHVISE operates wherever there is help needed, that means any State or Territory, if there is a child or family who needs help with their educational needs, AHVISE will do their best to help out.

General Placement Information

Travel costs can be expensive if you are going to isolated/remote areas. Travel cost reimbursements are available up to $1,500 per placement for travel related costs. That can include petrol/diesel, accommodation and other miscellaneous type travel costs.

If you have any queries in relation to travel reimbursements, please contact our AHVISE office between 12pm to 2pm (7 days a week).

A bit about our AHVISE Support Team!

The AHVISE Support Team work around the clock, available for emergiences 24/7 (365 days a year). However, our usual Support Desk hours are from 12pm to 2pm where one of our VA’s (Ann or Nadege) are in the office to take calls, read and reply to emails and answer Support Ticket requests.

Our Placement Manager is Ann and our PR & Social Manager is Nadege. Both really super nice ladies!

Initially you will deal with Ann, working out which Placement to go for, and how to get registered and approved to attend a Placement. We require Photo ID PLUS a current Working with Children (or Blue Card) check for the State the Placement is located. To view current Placements available you must have supplied your Photo ID and completed our registration form, this is to ensure the safety and privacy of our registered AHVISE Farming Families.

Here at AHVISE we will do everything possible to ensure compatible Placements are promoted to you, but at times, things just do not work out and this is often due to a communication breakdown.  If this happens please contact our Support Team or Lyn French (AHVISE Manager) for a private conversation in order to resolve the matter immediately.

Would you like to get involved?

If you are a farming family with kids who could use some extra help with their education, or if you are a teacher, tutor or angel who wants to help kids in the Australian farming community learn more and grow with a better education, then we’d love to hear from you.

You can also DONATE via our website here, this helps us immensely as we have no Government funding or financial support, the AHVISE program only exists due to the support and kindness of our many Volunteers and the donations we have received thus far, and due to Aussie Helpers ensuring it exists and continues to grow at a rapid rate.

We are prepared to do what it takes to make the AHVISE program work in 2019 and beyond, which was our goal when we started out.

We believe in and support our farming families as best we can – Because they are the backbone of our beautiful country!